“Style Your World With Color”

posted on: March 17, 2014

Color brings life to everything…so why not translate that life into our clothes? It’s the first thing anyone sees when we are walking down the street or in a hallway. I must admit, I have a huge lack of color in my everyday wardrobe, especially during the springtime. I’m one to opt for those classic colors that seem to go with everything, but with spring in our midst I will be the first one to step out of my comfort zone and splash some daring color in my outfits. Take a look at this “color chart” so to speak for some inspiration I stumbled upon a few weeks ago, and ladies-LET THERE BE COLOR…(make sure to check out the source linked below, or feel free to click on any section of the image to see the original site for this amazingly beautiful drawn out design by Kate Hofstad & Tamara Franklin).
Section1 Section 2 Section3 Section4 Section5 Section6 Section7 Section8 Section9 Section10 Section11 Section12

“It is the color they notice first – a blast of red, a subtlety of blue, a ridiculous shouting of yellow. While style may carry the conversation, the color will turn their head. When heads turn, what will colors say about you?” Style Your World With Color by Kate Hofstad & Tamara Franklin.

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