Summertime Inspiration

posted on: April 22, 2014

WanderLace Celine Me Alone Summer Dress Vintage Summer Summer Hat Beach Dress Summer Maxi Dress Summer Style

Good afternoon everyone!

April is almost over! Can you even believe it?! (No, no…it’s not an April’s Fools joke-it’s the truth). I don’t know where this month went, but I guess it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun. This spring has been eventful for sure-I even took a well needed road trip to California for some fun in the sun. But now it’s time to get serious about summer fashion.

Yesterday I bought some adorable summer dresses, shorts and shirts-all on sale mind you, so I just couldn’t resist. :) They should be coming in the mail within the week, so stay tuned for some new outfit posts with them.

I hope you all had a wonderful spring time, and if you had spring break I hope you made some amazing memories. Happy Earth day! :)


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  • michelle.j

    Loved looking at the new posts Chelsy!! Especially thought the “Celine Me Alone” was hysterical! -Your always showing us the best and the brightest!